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REVIEW: Riddick

REVIEW: Riddick

Last seen as the king of the Necromongers, Riddick (Vin Diesel) finds an itch to return to his true home; Furya. Unfortunately, his subjects are less than understanding and far from loyal, they soon betray the forever convict. Left on a desolate planet he crawls and walks in hopes of surviving a world that wants to kill and eat him.

Finding his way through the land, he reaches an abandoned base of sorts. With no options, he puts out a distress beacon with one message, Riddick is alive and he is here.

Bounty Hunters soon arrive, quickly followed by another heavily armed group. Both want the criminal and killer, but perhaps for different reasons. They quickly realize though that Riddick may be the least of their worries and that maybe they should worry about the planet and the hidden inhabitants.

Very much in the vein of the original movie Pitch Black, Riddick works to cull down the universe to one man; one very deadly man. Monsters are the theme of this movie, but not all of them have more than two legs. I was actually enjoying the film, until the end that is, it seemed slightly off from what I would expect from the galaxies most notorious criminal.

Grade: C
MPAA Rating: R

Running time: 1hr 59mins.

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